Top 10 Coaches on Film (and PBS!)

Remember your favorite coach? Odds are the coach was likely on the Big Screen while you were eating bonbons and a slush puppie. Here are a few clips of our favorite coaches:

  1.  “Wax on…Wax off….Wax on…Wax off.
  2.  “My team is on the floor!
  3.  “Fear leads to the dark side.
  4. Painting Mountains.
  5.  “What do you wish to do with your life?
  6. This’ll sound strange, Billy, but for some time now I’ve been thinkin’ of the Royal Ballet School.
  7.  “You’ve got to risk losing.
  8. Flo Braker the Baker!
  9. Great moments are born from great opportunities.
  10.  “Any child can learn to play the violin.

Who will be coaches for the next generation? Reality TV personalities? YouTube sensations?


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