Web 3.0: Afterschool.me, Generation Z and the User Experience

Generation X had Web 1.0, Generation Y has Web 2.0 and Generation Z will have Web 3.0. The next generation of startups is accelerating a revolutionary user experience. Read below to learn why:

Web 1.0: In the 1990’s, a one-way path of read-only content defined mainstream websites. Remember anticipating the launch of HotWired and the Library of Congress? Information flowed strictly from the page to the person. Generation X left their desktop monitors with the impression: “Now, I know more about the history of the Beatles. Rad.”

Web 2.0: For the past decade, user generated content defined popular websites. Think Myspace and Facebook. Information is exchanged in a dialogue between the page and the people. Generation Y left their laptops with the impression: “Now, I know you like the Black Eyed Peas, and you know I like the Black Eyed Peas, and check out this website with unreleased lyrics to Where is the Love. Sweet.”

Web 3.0: As for Generation Z, action and not information will define emerging websites. Visit SCVNGR (the gaming gurus) and TruantToday (recipient of the Clinton Global Initiative Award for “Most Likely To Succceed”). These websites do not only exchange content between users, they inspire real action in the community. Generation Z will leave their smartphones with the impression: “Now, we can meet at the rec center and learn the shuffle* from that dancer on America’s Got Talent. Epic.”

Our goal is for the next generation to use Afterschool.me as a call to action. We envision Afterschool.me as a springboard for families to get their kids healthy, creative and inspired. Call us crazy to use the web as a launchpad for activity, but today there has been no better moment to “Think Different.”

*If you aren’t a member of Generation X, Y or Z, and you don’t know what the shuffle is, we respect you. Just click here and turn up the volume.  You should be fine – the video already has 230 million views.


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