The Best Extracurricular Activities in Los Angeles: Presented by Afterschool.Me

Each week, we will be highlighting a dynamic afterschool opportunity here in Los Angeles. These opportunities may be one-time events, ongoing classes or free camps to the public. One week may be a description about a Miles Davis Jazz class, the next post may be an exclusive screening for kids under the stars at LACMA or even a hyperlink to a free clinic with the Harlem Globetrotters.

If you want to stay posted about the best afterschool opportunities for kids in LA, click here!

If you want us to feature your extracurricular program, class or camp on Generation Z: The Official Blog for Afterschool.Me, click here!

FYI: We value creativity, credibility, accessibility, innovation and the outdoors! The more fun, the more reputable, the more affordable, the more interesting and the more outside…the better!


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