The Extracurricular Crisis and The Future of Afterschool Programs in the USA

The  “Entertainment and Sports Lawyer” recently published an article on the future of afterschool activities that was written by Evan Fieldman, our CEO and Co-Founder. The article, A Temporary Band-Aid: Pay-to-Play Fees and The Extracurricular Crisis, analyzes the implications of charging students fees to participate in sports and arts programs at public schools. Highlights include:

  • School districts in 33 states charge students pay-to-play fees.
  • Pay-to-play fees for a single student may be more than $700 per activity in one season.
  • States across the country are eliminating public funding for school sponsored extracurricular activities.

You can read the article here: ABA – Entertainment and Sports Lawyer.


2 responses to “The Extracurricular Crisis and The Future of Afterschool Programs in the USA

  1. Nancy Tankelson

    Good article. This has been going on for a long time and I don’t expect that it will get any better for those in financially troubled families and schools. Hope you can rally the troops!

    Good luck with your work. Nancy T.

  2. Generation Z: Official Blog of


    Thanks for your encouragement and comments. As you begin to explore creative solutions in your community, we would love to share them with our readers. There are a few suggestions mentioned in the article (corporate sponsorships, partnering with community based organizations, etc…), but we want to hear more!

    – The Team

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